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Contract Planned Maintenance

Ensure your generator set is in top working condition at all times and prolong the life of your generator sets through regular tune-ups, professional cleaning and corrections to any minor difficulties before they become major problems. Subscribe to Powerteams' (a division of Harper Detroit Diesel Limited) monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual inspections including oil sample analysis, oil and filter changes, start up and emergency shutdown checks and optional full load tests with a Powerteam supplied load bank.

Inspections and reports ensure compliance with applicable CSA requirements. Contact Powerteam to discuss your needs at 416-201-7536 or e-mail [email protected]. To obtain a no-obligation proposal including suggested maintenance schedule, cost estimate and sample reports complete this fax back form and fax it to 416-251-6191.

Emergency Repair Services
When unexpected problems arise get your standby generator back in working order with minimum delay, call Powerteam! Customers who utilize Powerteams' planned maintenance services enjoy priority 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency response at preferential rates.

Major Equipment Overhauls
Our factory-trained technicians are available to undertake major engine or electrical equipment repairs and overhauls to give new life to older generator plant machinery. This work can be performed on-site or at our factory depending on the relative practicality and cost.