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For more than 50 years, Harper Detroit Diesel - Allison has established an outstanding reputation in its industry, offering competitively priced products and an unwavering commitment to service excellence.
As the authorized Ontario distributor for Detroit Diesel engines, Allison Transmissions, Spectrum Generator Sets, MTU Marine and Industrial engines, we have developed strong working relationships with our valued customers and a unique understanding of their industry requirements.


Our customers learn from experience that they can count on Harper Detroit Diesel for top-quality equipment, experienced advice and the comprehensive parts and service back up necessary to help get the job done right, and with confidence. Harper Detroit Diesel-Allison is continuously committed to achieving and maintaining the highest performance standards for our customers. Our Toronto Head Office facility has attained one of the most comprehensive ISO 9002 quality registrations of any diesel engine enterprise in our market area.

At Harper Detroit Diesel - Allison, we believe in understanding and responding to every customer's needs and expectations. By continually examining our product and service offerings, educating and improving our highly-skilled work force and developing long-term relationships with valued suppliers and distribution partners, Harper Detroit Diesel can provide exceptional service to each and every customer - today, tomorrow and in many years to come.