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Urban transit, school bus, and highway coach fleets count on Harper Detroit Diesel-Allison for a variety of reliable, cost-efficient Detroit Diesel engines and Allison transmissions.
Detroit Diesel engines are available as standard or optional power by virtually every North American bus manufacturer. In addition to new bus installations, the Company's Series 40, 50, and 60 diesel engines and Series 50G natural gas engine are used to repower buses already in service to bring them in compliance with newer, more stringent emissions control regulations. Detroit Diesel electronically controlled engines feature high performance, and superior fuel economy. Options include driver management programs, electronic diagnostic analysis and engine performance data storage.

Allison electronically controlled automatic transmissions can improve operating efficiencies, return better fuel consumption, and lower overall life cycle costs. Their durability leads to better resale values and their ease of operation reduces driver-training time.

Allison Automatic Transmissions provide smooth, full-power shifts for a more comfortable ride in passenger applications. The B series transmissions feature externally accessible oil filters to make scheduled fluid and filter changes quick and simple. The Allison Torque converter/planetary gear design is well suited to bus operations. The transmission can start the vehicle without any sudden surge and minimize rollback on hills. The world transmission engages the lockup clutch as early as possible to improve fuel economy and engine braking. The B300 and B400 models serve mid-range buses, while the B500 is designed for heavier buses and engines with a higher horsepower. All B Series transmissions are available with up to two overdrive gears for optimal fuel economy on the highway.

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